CAMC offers several different types of meetings/events: 

CAMC Board Meetings are for board members and CAMC partners to develop agendas/programs for meetings, provide counsel to executive director, establish committees and appoint members as needed, approve the annual budget and long-term strategic plans and help identify and recruit new members.  

Executive meetings are for CAMC’s primary designees, such as the CEO, CFO, COO or the highest executive level for the manufacturing firm in our 5-county region. These meetings will include of presentations from experts in areas of interest, CAMC members’ best practices and utilizing regional business assets. 

HR/Workforce meetings are for senior HR professionals working with/for a CAMC primary designee.  These meetings will focus on workforce issues such as compensation, employee engagement, training and utilizing regional workforce assets.

ALL Member Meetings (Executive/Workforce groups) are for all members (executives and HR professionals).

CAMC Best Practices Tours – Tours are for all members (executives and HR professionals). They may also be held in conjunction with a meeting.