Events of Interest


CAMC members collaborate to host multiple tours region-wide on Manufacturing Day, or MFG Day, which takes place on the first Friday of October each year!  Over 1,000 students, teachers and counselors will: 

    See manufacturing in action!
    Meet the people who work in the field and hear their passion for their jobs
    Learn about educational pathways that lead to good jobs in manufacturing 
    See that manufacturing has evolved and offers great careers

CAMC Annual Celebration
CAMC members comes together once a year to celebrate the accomplishments of local manufacturers.  The 2017 Award Winners were:  

  • Carey Oberlin, Cameron Tool, CAMC Workforce Professional of the Year
  • Dino Muzzin, Emergent BioSolutions, CAMC Executive of the Year
  • Gestamp Mason, Taking the LEAP Award 
  • KIRCHHOFF Automotive Lansing, MMTC Business Excellence Award
  • Niowave, CAMW! Workforce Champion
  • Neogen, LCC's Partner of the Year
  • Negoen, MSU International Trade Award

CAMC Meetings
CAMC has several members meetings each year, including quarterly board meetings, executive meetings, HR meetings, networking events, subcommittee meetings and more!