CAMC Initiatives

CAMC Compensation & Benefits Survey/Report

Each year, CAMC distributes an important survey that gathers information about both wages and other components of compensation including time off, retirement plans, insurance plans and other benefits.  Some characteristics of business practices in each company are also collected, including operational schedules, cost of living adjustments, and anticipated wage and salary increases.

The resulting report is a valuable tool in determining compensation and benefits for manufacturing employees in the greater Lansing region.  The final CAMC Compensation and Benefits Report is available in August each year, and free for CAMC members.  To purchase a copy of the report, contact

Skilled Trades Training Fund
CAMC Members have been awarded over $1.8 million in Skilled Trades Training Funds (STTF), since inception, to train their workforce. These grants are available to all Michigan companies. CAMC Executive Director worked one-on-one with CAMC members to help secure these grants in conjunction with CAMW! administration.
  • 2013-14: CAMC Members were awarded $361,864
  • 2014-15: CAMC Members were awarded $352,681
  • 2015-16: CAMC Members were awarded $398,316
  • 2016-17: CAMC Members were awarded $761,824
  • 2017-18: CAMC Members were awarded $1.29 Million!