About Us

Thank you for your interest in the Capital Area Manufacturing Council (CAMC)! The CAMC is an executive-level manufacturing community that works together to improve mid-Michigan's manufacturing competitiveness by addressing and tackling common issues.

Our core values: 

  • Promote the sharing of partner best practices and provide a forum to report significant trends and best practices that could affect the manufacturing industry through member meetings.
  • Increase awareness of manufacturing careers through outreach to youth, such as region-wide tours on manufacturing day (MFG Day). 
  • Provide data on local compensation and benefits for manufacturing employees through CAMC’s annual compensation and benefits survey and report. 
  • Secure training dollars for CAMC members to build and maintain a strong workforce.
  • Provide access to local economic and educational institutions, with key contacts dedicated to the manufacturing industry.
  • Recognize local leaders in the manufacturing industry, annually, at the CAMC Annual Dinner and Celebration.
  • Provide peer-to-peer advising and consulting for member companies, upon request.